Welcome to Miranda Knight Colour ConsultingI believe colour is one of the greatest gifts.

Have you ever noticed how opening the curtains to a leaden grey winter sky versus the vivid blue of a fine summer morning can instantly transform your state and your outlook on the day?

Do you have a certain thing for hazels brown eyes or a flash of baby blues that sends a rush of emotion through your body?

How do you feel when you walk into a spring meadow and find yourself lost in a kaleidoscope of wild flower colour against a hundred shades of green?

Colour has the power to curve and craft our perception of the day. It can transform how we feel in an instance. The power of colour is sometimes fire engine red obvious and often subtle shades of warmth but it is always mysterious.

I believe in harnessing the power of colour to energise or calm, ground or uplift and shape the quality of life. I believe colour is an unlimited but often untapped resource that can bring a wealth of experience and emotion that is freely available, it is all around us.

Our mission is to help you tap into the power of colour

Colour Your Castle Consultation

They say an Englishman’s house is his castle, a place of refuge and expression of your personality one place that you can be entirely in charge of your domain.

Why not colour your castle?

I can help you do this, we offer a 2-hour on-site consultation in your own home where we work with you to assess your colour needs and preferences to provide options and ideas to develop a bespoke colour plan for you and your family. Our Colour Your Castle consultation includes 2-hour assessment of up to three rooms. Taking a colour x-ray of the rooms – including a full analysis of colour, style preferences, function, light and size. Orientation of the rooms, pre-existing features takes into account architectural and period features can be highlighted within the colour scheme

Miranda also offers remote consultations online Full-colour prescription, including a mini fan deck of all colours in the scheme – a valuable tool for clients and decorators. Comprehensive colour specification – detailing recommended paint finish and suppliers, assisting your decorator or qualifying your paint order.

“Miranda knows her stuff: design and colour. She came up with some great new ideas to finish the project. Miranda noticed some subtle things I had not realised. Very friendly, accessible and definitely can add value and inspiration to a project. Thank You”

Mr Goodwin

Colour Your Wardrobe Consultation

Throughout the course of history, we have been conscious of the capacity of colour to convey something about who we are, where we are going or what we aspire to be. From armies of marching red coats to mere hints of colour in a cufflink we intuitively respond, sometimes in primal and profound ways to the presence of colour and the outfits worn by people around us whether, fear, confidence, respect, intrigue – in the wardrobe we wear and the colour coded into it without a doubt, we can influence how people perceive us and respond to our personalities.

With our Colour Your Wardrobe consultation we can help you understand the way you wear colour and subtly (or not so subtly!) make the statements you want rather than leaving it to chance. Colour affects us emotionally, psychologically and physically – its impact is immediate and lasting. You can use the power of colour to alter body shape, appear more youthful and vibrant and uplift your spirits.

Colour Your Wardrobe consultation takes 3 hours in Miranda’s colour studio. A colour x-ray is taken – opportunity to explore your personality, your likes and dislikes, goals and carefully assessing your unique colouring. Helping to draw up a colour prescription, an individual personal palette of colours that will best support your authentic self and help you to see the link between personality and your unique colouring. You will receive a personal palette of individual colours – it will also give advice on fabric types and patterns, hair, jewellery and accessories.

“Firstly, Miranda was so welcoming and friendly yet utterly professional that within a few minutes of sitting down I felt completely at ease with her….I left the session feeling so much more confident….WOW I received so many compliments, old friends kept telling me how well I looked and even people I didn’t know would comment on what a lovely outfit I was wearing….Thank you, Miranda you have been inspirational and instrumental in helping me discover my hidden colours”

Lauren Crawford

Colour Couch For individuals or groups, we offer the opportunity to sit back and relax on the colour couch and delve into what colour means to you and your life using a series of questions to take a “colour x-ray” we will take a look at your inner colour consciousness. We will help you understand your colour palette, your colour potential and your colour personality. Many people we find have a sense of the importance of colour in their lives and their wardrobe but struggle to articulate what this means and what the impact it has.

To make the most of colouring your life, we provide a session to answer these questions and provide to you some colour insights, colour solutions and colour conclusions. This service can be provided as a one to one in Miranda’s colour studio or we are pleased to travel and set up the colour couch at a location of your choice, whether a hen party, gathering of friends or work do.

All you need is an open mind and a couch!

I can also consult on colour in the corporate or commercial space, please get in touch and we can talk through your project